On May 21, Sea Scout Ship 280 awarded 5 ranks to deserving Sea Scouts. Before I recognize those scouts, I wanted to explain a little about the Sea Scout advancement program and why it is part of Sea Scouts. First, it is important to understand that Scouting is actually a youth development program that has been tested and refined for over 100 years. Here is the Mission and Vision of the BSA.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Vision Statement

The Boy Scouts of America will prepare every eligible youth in America to become a responsible, participating citizen and leader who is guided by the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

All programs of Scouting share the same Aims: Character Development, Citizenship and Fitness.

Within each program of Scouting (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouting, Venturing and Sea Scouting) there are many different methods used to accomplish the Aims of Scouting. The methods vary by program.

The Methods of Sea Scouting are: Ideals, Group Activities, Advancement, Adult Association, High Adventure – Outdoors – Nautical Activities, Uniform, Teaching Others, Leadership.

Advancement is just ONE of the methods we use. Through advancement, Scouting provides a series of surmountable obstacles and steps to overcome them through the advancement method. The Scout plans their advancement and, by participating in the program, progresses as they overcome each challenge. The Scout is rewarded for each achievement, which helps them gain self-confidence. The steps in the advancement system help him grow in self-reliance and the ability to help others. Additionally, advancement helps ensure that each Sea Scout learns the necessary technical skills: specific knots, leadership training, navigation, cruising, equipment and more.

Sea Scouting has 4 ranks. They are: Apprentice, Ordinary, Able and Quartermaster.

On May 21st we awarded the rank of Apprentice to: Henry Hebner, Josh Slawson and Jared Weisgerber. These Sea Scouts have been in the Ship for about a year. We awarded the rank of Ordinary to: Isabella Fregoso and Hunter Hires.

On Tuesday June 6th we completed the final steps for Ted Autore to earn the rank of Quartermaster. Ted completed a Bridge of Review with youth and adult ship members, along with council representatives and Chartered Organization Representative JP Clowes. We have sent his application to the National Council and are looking forward to receiving it back and awarding Ted his rank soon.

I look forward to see you on the water!

Ron Lime